Long-Term Healing Consulting Options

Tuesday’s Children is happy to work to assist in development in the following areas:
Long-Term Program Development and Assessment
Identify immediate, short-term, and long-term needs, develop programs around those needs and build trust with your service population. Create needs-based benchmarks for success for short-term programs as well as the longevity of your programs. Tuesday’s Children can help create qualitative and quantitative measurement methodologies in line with proposed program outcomes, ensuring year-to-year comparisons.
Fiscal Sponsorship
Serve as fiscal sponsor for groups that do not have nonprofit status and can incubate them as they establish their organization, build staff and create programs. As a fiscal sponsor, Tuesday’s Children may take on administrative functions on behalf of your organization including, but not limited to, administration, donations, payroll, disbursement of funds, program development and more.
Strategic Planning
Create a mission statement, vision and strategic plan to ensure mission relevance beyond immediate aftermath. Tuesday’s Children can help determine the best approach to keep community members engaged.
Organizational Development
Help to create a staffing plan, recruit and onboard board members, identify and enlist community partners and volunteers, develop strategies for engaging appropriate partners and vetting complementary services to ensure mission alignment.
Fundraising and Financial Management
Develop strategies for startup and longer-term fundraising, assist with budgeting and reporting, determine appropriate program costs and ensure that financial management meets best practices.
Board and Staff Development
Identify leaders in the community, develop board roles, establish committees and board expectations, and ensure a diverse and varied board representation from a variety of professions.
Community Engagement and Outreach
Tuesday’s Children will work with your leadership team to help identify your service population, streamline your outreach efforts and develop marketing tactics. Together, we will determine language in line with the needs of your key audiences (service population, partners, funders) and a strategy for reaching them.