Assessing Service Populations
Determining the needs and demographics of your service population is the first step in developing programming.
Disaster Philanthropy
Leveraging funds available immediately after a tragic event is important for short-term organizational development.
Evaluation and Measurement
Evaluations and measurement techniques help refine programs and better target them to specific needs of your service population.
Fundraising and Financial Management
Obtaining funds and resources after the initial aftermath of a tragedy is a key component of organizational sustainability.
Family Resources
In addition to programming, free resources can help families in your service population discover outreach and skills development opportunities.
Mental Health Resources
It is vital that organizations understand the potential psychological impact that traumatic loss may have on both individuals and communities at large.
Marketing and Outreach
Marketing and outreach strategies help gain exposure and build connections with potential partners and funders.
Program Development
Once the needs of a service population are defined, programs can be implemented and eventually expanded.
Visioning and Organizational Development
Before delivering services, an organization must define its mission, vision and purpose.